Training Workshop teaches practical and timely knowledge

All new cleaners now attend a compulsory 3 day training workshop in capital city locations to learn practical, hands-on knowledge before commencing work with Clean Homes. Initially implemented in Brisbane over a year ago, the training has proved so beneficial that the Workshop has since been rolled out in Sydney, Melbourne and Perth.

During the 3 days, cleaners are taught how to clean different surfaces, learn about products and equipment and obtain the necessary skills to deliver a quality service for our clients every time.  New recruits also discuss Workplace, Health & Safety and preventative care when it comes to avoiding damage or injury while on the job.

Here’s what some of our recruits had to say about the training:

“I would recommend this [Clean Homes Training] course for anybody, not just cleaners but all home owners.  Have learnt a lot and gained a lot of useful information.”

“I imagined there would not be much I could learn after 30 years and industry experience but the spectrum of topics, tips and green product swaps taught at training were phenomenal.”