Reducing risk

The most common cause of Public Liability claims for damage that Clean Homes receive relate to cleaning with a scourer or abrasive material and using bleach or faulty equipment. This type of claim is completely avoidable.  We instruct our cleaners to exercise due care and diligence if required to use bleach or abrasive cleaning products and check to check your equipment.

We have two company policies that have been put in place to reduce damage:

1. Scourers are not to be used under any circumstances even if instructed by the client because over time a scourer will scratch and damage a surface.

2. LCD, Plasma, TV or computer screens are never to be cleaned because of the sensitivity of the screen surface.  The surrounding casing can be wiped over but not the screen itself.

Here are our top 10 tips for safer cleaning

  1. Do not use scourers or clean LCD, Plasma, TV or computer screens
  2. Do not drag objects on wood floors
  3. Do not smoke in a client’s home
  4. Check area for hazards before commencing cleaning
  5. Do not use harsh cloths, bleach and abrasive cleaners unless instructed by the client
  6. Carefully read all product labels, especially the fine print on the back
  7. Bleach is a common ingredient in all bath and shower cleaners. When it comes to marble, only specialised marble products or warm water are to be used
  8. Vinegar will mark surfaces.  Only use diluted and don’t put the bottle on any surface in case of drips or spillage
  9. Do not use faulty equipment
  10. Do carry all cleaning products in a bucket in case of leakage of any containers